3 thoughts on “This can be you! Book Author Luncheon. 237 woman!

  1. T.J. Cesarz says:

    Ellen –

    Your blog has been very informative. I have just finished a book for somebody. They are self publishing, and are using Archer-Ellison/Bookcovers.com, basically because someone else recommended them and put a “deal” together. I have no been very impressed with them. Little communication, takes forever to get a response from them…In confidence, could you elaborate on why you do not recommend them? I’d appreciate your feedback.

    Thanks in Advance –

    T.J. Cesarz


  2. Hannah Klingsberg says:

    Ellen I am planning a sisterhood meeting at Temple L’Dor VaDor in Boynton Beach and would like to talk about the Jews of Kaifeng as it is a Chinese theme. Would you be able to speak about this topic or know someone who is knowledgable. Do you have any suggestions or be available to speak about your book , subject is flexible. Hannah bananahbk@comcast.net


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