Daily Miracles: the Kiss

The following story is short and very touching. After a talk, while on my book tour for The Wondering Jew My Journey into Judaism, a woman came up to me.

“I have a story to tell you. I was too embarrassed to stand up and share it in front of everyone, but I want you to hear it.

“I was very close with my father. I adored him,” she said softly. “When he died I was devastated and having trouble getting on with my life.

“About three months after he passed, I was lying on my bed trying to meditate. I closed my eyes and suddenly I could see my father. I even recognized his clothing.”

She gently touched the side of her face. “He kissed me on the cheek.” Her eyes filled with tears. “I could feel his kiss. I can even feel it now as I am telling you this.”

He father had been gone for over twenty-five years.


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