Daily Miracles

On my book tour for The Wondering Jew My Journey into Judaism, I speak about reincarnation and angels in Judaism. I am a very private person, when it comes to my writing. And yet, because I am daring to share my life experiences with my audience, after I speak, others are sharing theirs. It feels like everywhere I turn, other stories are being revealed to me. I feel deeply compelled to not let these stories just drift away. They are inspiring and they remind us of G-d’s daily miracles. So here I go again, doing that thing they call blogging at https://ellenbrazer.wordpress.com

Whatever your religion, I hope that you will decide to write down miracles that have happened in your life. The world needs this now more then ever. It will make the sun shine brighter and help us to open our eyes to the daily miracles that surround us all!

Here goes:

A few weeks ago my rabbi asked if I would give a short sermon on the daily Torah portion for Shabbat services on Saturday morning. He was going out of town. That in itself was a huge giggle: me, the baby Jew, doing a sermon. As it turned out this portion included the Shema, the centerpiece of Jewish prayer: Hear, Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One.

I have a new friend named Mimi. She was going out of town to visit her children. She told me she was taking my book to read when she arrived. Three days before my talk I got a text from her. She told me she could not keep reading the book because she couldn’t stop crying.

My stories where bringing back memories, that had slipped from her mind for years. Mimi wrote that her father was a survivor of the Holocaust. He was hiding in the woods in Germany when he was captured by two Nazis and forced to dig his own grave. He begged the Nazis to let him say a prayer before they shot him. As unbelievable as it is, they agreed. Mimi’s father sang out the Shema, the last words a Jew is suppose to utter before dying.

There were partisans hiding in the woods who heard her father singing the Shema. They came and rescued him. Her father’s belief in G-d never faltered for the rest of his life!

Mimi had no idea I was giving a sermon, much less about the Shema prayer. When I texted and told her that I was going to make her story the centerpiece of my talk, she cried.

When I came into the synagogue on that Saturday morning, Mimi was there. She had come home a day early so she could listen as her father’s story was told.

The Wondering Jew, My Journey into Judaism
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