It has been a while since I wrote on my blog. I guess I have been resisting falling into the deep endless hole that is social media. Yet, I feel it is time for me to share my thoughts and feelings. Watching what was going on in Israel with Hamas was so painful that I felt my heart crying. On so many levels, I was concerned, frightened and sad. I had done extensive research for my book, And So It Was Written. After that research, I weaved a fictional story around a time in Jewish history when the Jews defeated the Roman Empire by building underground tunnels. 2,000 years ago the Jews constructed tunnels that were then supplied with enough food and water to sustain them underground for extended periods of time. The Jews would attack the Romans and then retreat to those tunnels and caves. When I wrote my book, all of this was fascinating: a brilliant war strategy but most certainly irrelevant today. How stupidly wrong I was! I do not want to be a pessimist. I have never given up hope on humanity. How could I when the Survivors of the Holocaust that I befriended still had love in their hearts? But I feel I must say the following: In medieval times the Muslims came into power in Spain and offered the Christians and Jews a choice; convert or die. Never mind that they were defeated and then the Christians came to power and offered the Muslims and the Jews the choice to convert or die. I do not mean to offend my many Christian and Muslim friends. This is all factual, as sad as it is. ARE WE GOING TO LET THIS HAPPEN AGAIN?    


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