My Jewish Journey

The Torah

What I don’t know about the Torah could fill volumes. Call this blog Torah for Dummies.  The Torah consists of the five books of Moses. I did not know that 4/5 of the Torah covers only two years in the history of the Jewish people. That was a huge surprise to me although I can’t tell you I ever spent much time contemplating it. 

The first book, Genesis, is about creation and it covers from the beginning of time until  2,300 years before the common era. Exodus covers the sons of Israel, who went to Egypt and the year that Moses spends trying to convince Pharaoh to let our people go! It also covers the plagues and the detail. Then we are taken to Mt Sinai in the year 2,448 when the Torah is given to Moses. There is nothing written about the thirty-eight years the Jews wandered in the desert. Image 

The books of the Torah are a discussion of history, and the laws. It can’t be more simplistic than that about a subject that could not be more complex. 

What is the focus of the Torah? G-d’s teachings. The Torah is the Tree of Life-access to the infinite. G-d always was. 

I was in a class yesterday and the rabbi spoke of how Moses could have helped us become infinite. That was so over my head I would not touch that subject with a ten foot pole. But he did teach something we all know are truth: we die. In the death process our bodies get tired, and we loose physical and mental abilities. We can spend our years terrified of death or we can find our faith. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to truly believe there is more? I don’t know about you but I want to learn to embrace the limitations I can’t conquer, and to overcome my fears of both failure and success. I want to live in the now and not be afraid of the future. 

 So let’s go face the day with confidence and love. Do something nice for yourself and for someone else today.


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