Jewish Angels and Reincarnation

Jewish Angels and Reincarnation

I always believed angels were a Christian thing. I know we always read about angels of G-d speaking to our prophets. Abraham certainly comes to mind. But I just thought that only happened when G-d wanted to show man a miracle.


Jewish angels? I just never knew! In the morning Shacharis service the following words are read everyday: Then the Ofanim (varieties of angels) and the holy Chayos (angels) with great noise raise themselves towards the Seraphim. (angels) Psalm 148 says: Praise Him, all His angels.


Let me quote a moment from the Artscroll Siddur commentary: The varieties of angels are not translated since we lack the vocabulary to define them. Maimonides the most prolific and influential Torah Scholar of the Middle Ages notes that there are ten levels of angles. 

When my mother of blessed memory passed away eight years ago I had no doubt that she had become my guardian angel. At the time I did not think this was a Jewish thing, and maybe it isn’t but it was my truth. I had difficulty understanding all the G-d stuff but I understood MY mother’s love. And I knew that my mother was going to watch over me. Was it weird to pray to my mother instead of G-d? Not to me. I know I am pushing the envelope when I ask the rabbis if my mother could be my guardian angel. They always  kind of roll their eyes. But so many things have happened in my life, things I choose not to call coincidence. I believe my mother has communicated with me, sent me messages when my eyes and mind are open. (Did you just roll your eyes?) Then when my father of blessed memory passed I felt that another angel was attached to me. 

A short story. The young and very special rabbi that leads the morning services said that whenever we do something good a good angel attaches itself to us. When we do something bad. . .we get a bad angel. So, what is the point of all this? At least now I don’t have to feel guilty for believing in angels. 

Reincarnation: So many Jews search for answers within other belief systems. Perhaps that is because for so long the answers to our questions, the questions every generation asked seemed hidden away from us. I remember asking about Judaism to my grandparents and my parents. Why do we do this? Why do we do that? What do we believe about this? The answer was always “because.” I believe they told me that because they did not know. This generation is different. This generation wants answers. I am certainly not talking about proof. Faith is proof as seen from the heart. The Orthodox rabbi who heads the Yeshiva teaches that we are reincarnated in various bodies to perfect ourselves. Souls are judged individually on each incarnation. He says “A soul is Not a truly Divisible Entity.” He also said, “We have no choice with our circumstances but we have free choice what we will do in those circumstances.” I looked at it like this: you might have been born to an impoverished family in Outer Magnolia. That is your circumstance. How you live that life is your free choice. Each of us has a UNIQUE GIFT AND GOAL. That is our challenge, to identify and then work to fulfill that mission. G-d placed us in our roles because we are uniquely qualified to achieve our roles. 

I know this is simplistic, and maybe I am insulting the more intellectual amongst you. But if I can open the door a crack and make you want to learn more on your own: then I am accomplishing what I am trying to accomplish. 

Now go have a wonderful day.



3 thoughts on “Jewish Angels and Reincarnation

  1. Mike contreras c says:

    Well Ellen, the Hindu’s believe that we are all divine, so praying to your mom is not such an obscure concept. God is one, religions are many and created by the living. We are all more alike than not, man does many things in the name of God that has nothing to do with the divine. We are our own worst enemy, we misplace our faith in the divine and attach it to man, which most definitely will disappoint, and drive us further away from God, we then blame God for the outcome. It’s very confusing. We are all on a spiritual path, some further along the way than others, it’s a very personal pilgrimage free from judgments, (we hope). Good read and thanks.


    • Ellen Brazer says:

      Hello Mike:
      It has been a long time and it is great to hear from you. May I ask how you found my blog? I really loved your comments and you are right. We are all on our own journeys. I think what I am trying to do is share some of the things I am learning about Judaism that I did not know. I believe there is one G-d for all people. We believe what we are taught. Hate and prejudice does not come from G-d. It comes from the evil inclination that resides in all of us. The challenge, I believe is to overcome that inclination. Have a great day.


      • Mike Contreras says:

        Hi Ellen,
        That’s when karma (if you believe in that) comes into play.
        You and I are face book friends, and your blog came up on my news feed. I enjoyed your story very much and wanted to add my two cents. I will try to keep tabs on the blog, I go on line in the early morn while all is quiet.
        Enjoyed hearing from you as well. Thanks.


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