A Third Temple

The concept of me writing about the building of a Third Temple in my new novel, And So It Was Written came from Rabbi Leibel Reznick’s book, The Mystery of Bar Kokhba published in 1996. I contacted the rabbi ten years ago and we exchanged many E-mails. Perhaps that was one of the reasons I put the book aside at that time. I just couldn’t figure out the answers to the unanswered questions and as a writer I was intent on weaving historical fact into fiction. I wanted the Temple rebuilt but I had to have the facts to make my story believable and there were just too many holes that couldn’t be answered. The biggest one being; how could the Temple be rebuilt in three years?  I have come to realize something very important, as the author I can bend the facts a bit, or add to what we know, after all it was almost two thousand years ago!  

All this came home to me just this past weekend when I went to see Bodacious Bastards. (I loved it!) That movie rewrote history as perhaps we all wished it might have been. During the movie I was able to suspend my own reality and join the actors in their story. 

And so my words continue to flush out an exciting and magical story. As you will see before long when I begin to put the chapters on line. Have a glorious day.

Ellen Brazer Author Clouds Across the Sun to be released in October 2009


3 thoughts on “A Third Temple

    • Ellen Brazer says:

      Ellen Brazer, Clouds Accross the Sun. I must tell you that I did not know that. A Third Temple would only have been built by the Jews and actually Hadrian built a temple to Jupiter on the site of the Temple Mount after the Jews were defeated. Perhaps you can tell me more about this.


  1. Susan says:

    Well, here I am responding to your blog. I never thought i would do such a thing, but you are a powerfully positive influence. You have given me the courage to do many things I never thought I could. It has come from me watching your example. You are fearless. By the way–it’s Inglorious Basterds. And it is a really good movie. I look forward to experiencing your process as you write this new book.


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